N is for Negative Space

This week: N is for Negative Space.

negative space paisley | runrunlolo.com


Though is it really negative space if there’s holo on top?


I attempted to do this look using the reverse stamping technique and it was a major fail. I tried to modify it in several ways but it just was not working for me, so I scrapped it and went with water decals and holo instead.


negative space paisley | runrunlolo.com


You can really see the polish stains on my nails in the macros. Enjoy ūüôā


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Until next time!




M is for Mechanical

Something a little different this week: M is for Mechanical


runrunlolo.com | M is for Mechanical


Sacrificed to this manicure: two cheap watches.


runrunlolo.com | M is for Mechanical


Two things I learned: gears in cheap watches are mostly made of plastic rather than metal; even cheap watches are surprisingly difficult to disassemble.


runrunlolo.com | M is for Mechanical runrunlolo.com | M is for Mechanical runrunlolo.com | M is for Mechanical runrunlolo.com | M is for Mechanical runrunlolo.com | M is for Mechanical


No video this week because my work has gone completely crazy and I just don’t have time to edit right now (and possibly¬†for the next couple of months). Also, I basically just broke open some watches and glued their innards¬†onto my nails, which doesn’t really make for compelling video anyway… ūüėČ


As always, check out some other gorgeous “M” related designs at the linkup:





Make your mani last FAIL

So I “recently” went camping for ten days and wanted to try out Cristine’s (SimplyNailogical) tips to make your mani last. She used these tips to make her nails last during her trip to Vid Con, and I wanted to test out how they’d hold up to the untamed wilderness.


I started out with her prep tips: clean dry nails (I used an alcohol wipe packet), cuticles pushed back, non-peel-off base coat (Orly Bonder).


I then painted my nails with a coat of white (Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear: White On) and two coats of Orly’s Melt Your Popsicle.


Neon orange - runrunlolo.com


During the trip I admit that nail care wasn’t my main priority. Applying nail oil while hiking through the woods or along ridgelines tends to result in dust sticking to your nails. Also inconvenience and laziness. Hey, it was a vacation ūüėČ


However, I did apply a couple of additional layers of topcoat and this is where I ran into some trouble. See, with a peel-off basecoat using a touch-up coat of quick-dry topcoat usually causes the¬†polish to lift up off the edges and base of my nails and then the whole thing flakes off. I figured that wouldn’t happen with a standard basecoat. I was wrong.


make your mani last fail | runrunlolo.com


It wasn’t quite as bad as with a peel-off base, but I had to re-stick a couple nails back on, especially on my right hand, and by the end of the trip I only had polish on half my thumb and my¬†ring finger on my right hand. My left hand fared a little better but was still pretty gross. This is the reason I’m posting this as an update here rather than as a standalone pic on insta – I don’t want anyone to scroll past and think this is what my opinion of a good mani looks like!


make your mani last fail | runrunlolo.com


These pics are after ten days of wear and I removed the polish immediately after taking them. I would not have lasted another three days.


make your mani last fail | runrunlolo.com


All in all,¬†my only addition to Cristine’s tips would be to either use a quick-dry top coat that doesn’t shrink at all or to use a standard top coat or polish refresher. As for my results compared to hers: I was camping. I set up and packed up a trailer several times, carried firewood and built fires, went hiking on single-track paths, and did all the other chores¬†associated with camping that always seem more messy and inconvenient compared to doing them at home. Honestly I¬†am still shocked that the biggest issue came from the whole mani lifting from my nails rather than chipping off, even on my right hand!


Requests: recs for (1) more sticky basecoat that won’t flake and (2) quick-dry top coats? I only own Orly’s Bonder as a non-peel-off base, and for top coats I’ve tried Seche Vite as well as G&G’s HK Girl and they both shrink for me. I¬†want¬†to test some other options, as well as regular top coat and polish refreshed using a peel-off base coat to see whether or not they cause curling/flaking.




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